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Committed to Excellence

As a real estate syndication investment firm, we are a commitment to excellence in the residential and commercial multifamily sector. With a keen focus on both dynamic short-term flips and sustainable long-term holdings, our approach is meticulously curated, selecting only the finest investment opportunities from a vast pool of properties. Our guiding principle is a steadfast commitment to our investors. We champion transparency at every turn, ensuring that every venture we embark on is one we have deeply vested interest in. By consistently putting "skin in the game," we not only highlight our confidence in each transaction but also ensure an alignment of interests, underscoring our belief that when our investors thrive, so do we. Choose ADS Developing Group, where your investment is always our top priority.


Our Team

Experience & Dedication

Embarking on this journey with fervent passion and a clear purpose, we co-founded ADS Developing Group with more than just our financial resources; we poured in our sweat, dedication, and indomitable spirit. We began using our personal funds and, driven by a desire for hands-on expertise, decided to immerse ourselves deeply into our first project, handling an astounding 90% of the construction work directly. Those intensive five months were not just about brick and mortar; they were about gaining an intricate understanding of U.S. construction from the ground up. This hands-on experience was pivotal. In our subsequent projects, equipped with the invaluable lessons we learned the hard way, we've been able to lead our teams more effectively, ensuring efficiency in both costs and timelines. At ADS Developing Group, we're not just founders on paper; we've been on the frontline, and our commitment is rooted in tangible experience and unwavering passion.

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