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104 W Stockbridge St

**Under Rehab**

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1609 Elmview Dr 8

**Under rehab** We purchased this property off market directly from the seller, she called us after receiving one of our marketing mails.
It's in the same community as 1610 Crestdale.
We converted it from 2/1 to 2/2.

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1610 Crestdale Dr 3

2/1 townhouse.
This is a clasic BRRRR showcase.

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275 Casa Grande Dr

We purchased this property at the county's tax sale auction.
It was already occupied with tenants, they simpy started paying us instead of the previouse owner.
We had to wait for the redemption period to be over and then we refinanced with an appriased value of 235% of what we paid for it, without any rehab completed.

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910 1/2 Oak St

We originaly bought this property because of the land it sits on, a 0.48 acre in the Independence Heights in Houston. Our plan was tear down the exsisting house and build 7 new houses.
However, some market condition can't be foreseen.
When interet rates started going up, we decided the safe move will be to postpone the new construction plan and rent the house to cover the existing loan payments.

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