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3607 Marchant Rd

Single Faily Home

Investment overview 

3607 Marchant Rd, Houston, TX 77047


Exit strategy 

This property was purchased in the county’s tax sale auction. The previous owner has the right to redeem the property for 2 years. If he chooses to do so he’ll have to pay 25% over what we paid in the auction in the 1st year, or 50% in the 2nd year.  

Our plan is to rent & hold the property for 2 years, then sell it. The excel presents the different scenarios of Redemption in 1st year/ Redemption in 2nd year/ Sell after 2 years. 

  1. Investment term: 2 years

  2. Purchase price: $83,000 

  3. Current Aprx Value: $120,000

  4. Current market rent: $1300 

  5. Investor contribution: %95

  6. MGT contribution: %5

  7. Profit Investor: %50

  8. Profit MGT: %50

  9. Investor preferred ROI: %10

  10. Projected Investor IRR: 10-15% 

Power in Numbers


$ Minimum Investment


Investment period in years


Expected IRR

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